715-639-2615 | 111 N. Main St. Elmwood, WI 54740 | Mon/Tues 11-6pm, Wed 11-8pm, Thurs 11-6pm, Fri 11-4pm, Sat/Sun Closed


Our Mission:

The Elmwood Public Library will provide and encourage the community to utilize the library as an information source for enrichment, education, and recreation. 

Library Board

Jolee Glampe – President

Mary Christiansen – Vice President

Wayne Nohelty – Treasurer

Tovah Carson – Secretary

Susan Dzubay – Community Member

Dick Jones – Village Board Representative

Open – School Representative

Gifts & Donations

The Elmwood Public Library is pleased to receive useable books, audio books, and DVD’S as well as magazine subscriptions. The library director will determine acceptance of books and other materials for the collection.

Monetary memorial donations are appreciated and used with the request of donors.

Computer Use Policy

  • Individuals may sign up for 30-minute sessions, which can be renewed if no one is waiting. One person per computer.
  • There are some sites on the Internet that some people find objectionable. Parents may wish to use the Internet with their children.
  • Because these terminals are located in a public place we reserve the right to restrict visual images. If you are found viewing objectionable material you will be asked to exit from that web site. If it happens a second time your Internet session will be terminated.

Elmwood Public Library
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